Thursday, February 16, 2012

President's Budget: NERRS Program Reduced

The President's budget has been released and we are disappointed to announce that the NERRS program was reduced.

  • Operations are at $19M
  • Procurement, Acquisition, Construction (PAC) was zero-funded

It appears that the President is directing the reductions to come from program operations. This means the push at the congressional level - to educate on the importance of the program - will be essential in the coming months and year ahead. NERRA will continue to work with Senators and Congressional Representatives on Appropriations Committees and will be looking for support on these efforts.

In the words of NERRA President Dave Ruple "...The budget process is just beginning! Though the starting point may not be desirable, through the legislative budget process is where WE have an opportunity to make a difference and affect the final FY13 numbers."

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