Monday, February 20, 2012

Joyner Stepping Down as President of Laudholm Trust

Diana Joyner, president of the Laudholm Trust, the fundraising partner of the Wells Reserve at Laudholm, is stepping down from her position in June.

According to Bruce Read, chair of the Trust board, in an article on the Wells Reserve at Laudholm web site:

"Four years ago, Diana stepped off of our board and into the interim president position at a critical time in the history of the Trust,” notes Read. “The economy had softened and we needed someone with distinct leadership skills at the helm. Diana did such an outstanding job, we asked her to stay aboard for a few more years. Under her leadership, the organization has not only grown, it’s thrived.”

Read the full article for more information on Diana's accomplishments.

If you had the opportunity to meet Diana, you know she is strong leader and also a friend. As she steps down from her position, she will be missed by not only the Laudholm community but also all of us at NERRA and throughout the NERRS who had the opportunity to meet and work with her.

The board's search committee is now accepting online applications. Interested individuals can learn more about the position and the application process by visiting the Wells Reserve at Laudholm website at Diana will assist with the transition.

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