Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Padilla Bay Research Symposium Success

In her post on Wednesday, February 8th, Kay Reinhardt mentioned the Research Symposium to take place at Padilla Bay Reserve. According to Padilla Bay Reserve Manager, Terry Stevens, it was a huge success. Following is an email update he sent out after the event.

"I want to express my appreciation and a hearty congratulations to all for a
tremendous and professional job in organizing, participating, administering
and carrying-out Wednesday's Research Symposium. It took a team effort and
it all came together perfectly. From the comments I heard from participants
there was widespread enthusiasm with the range of topics, quality of
presentations, accommodations, logistics, and (of course) lunch. We may have
started something with this event and we should discuss this opportunity in
the near future. It was certainly satisfying to see the size of the crowd
with even the overflow seats being occupied. A sincere thank-you to the PB
Foundation and Shell Oil Puget Sound Refinery for their sponsorship and

For more information on this event, leave a comment or contact Kay directly. Thanks for sending the update Kay!

Photos taken by Cathy Angel during the event.
Above - Dr. Apple, Dr. Ron Thom (Battelle Labs & our keynote
speaker), and Dr. Doug Bulthuis (PB research coordinator)
Below - Dr. Jude Apple (PB Foundation & WWU) making introductory remarks

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