Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PADILLA BAY FOUNDATION HAS AMAZING FUND RAISING OPPORTUNITY RIGHT NOW!!! HELP US HELP OUR RESERVE!!! A local community foundation has set up a new endowment fund with money we purposely raised to establish. In turn they were given an 'angel' investment of $100,000 dollars in order to hold both a live event festival for 7 non-profits (ours is one) as well as an online donation portal. The online portal is currently live. This event is called SKAGIT DAY OF GIVING. The event is held locally tomorrow afternoon/evening. We wanted our friends at Reserves to have an opportunity to help us raise funds if they so choose. Skagit Community Foundation is handling the event and the money. Please go to and pull down the tab for EVENTS on their home page. That will show you a colorful rainbow logo with all 7 non-profits and a text block explaining the goals. Scroll over the logo circle and that activates the donation page. Just follow directions from there and you're done. The cyber donation window will close at midnight May 9th. If you happen to be traveling our way and find yourself near us, go to the party as well ... it's FREE! We miss our dear foundation and volunteer friends spread across the nation and wish all of you well. Warm regards, Kay Reinhardt - Administrator - Padilla Bay Foundation

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Kay-you do a great job at Padilla Bay Reserve!